Emergency Management Consulting 

Secure Your Safety

Canavan Consulting  delivers customized strategies and tactics to our clients, designed to meet their specific needs. Our primary focus is to perform comprehensive hazard and risk assessments, aiming to gain a thorough understanding of an organization's vulnerabilities. Employing an all-hazards approach, we formulate and execute an emergency action plan, ensuring that the business's needs are addressed and operational continuity is maintained.

All Hazards Approach

Our approach to emergency preparedness planning is integrative, with a specific focus on the predominant types of hazards prevalent in your area. While not designed to cover every conceivable scenario, our all-hazards approach guarantees that organizations are well-prepared to handle a wide spectrum of related emergencies.

Business Impact Analysis 

This method involves the identification and assessment of the effects of specific hazards and risks on an organization's daily operations. The leadership can then utilize the outcomes to inform their decision-making process in risk management.

Emergency Action Planning

While it is just one vital component of an organization's emergency preparedness program, it serves as a foundational framework for emergency response within a facility and guarantees the continuity of operations.